Modelled after PyCon, we are supporting project sprints following the conference. Sprints provide an opportunity for people interested in a project to come together to learn and create in a truely Do It With Others (DIWO) environment. The goal is to make friends and build lasting relationships, working together to share knowledge, build features, hack on prototypes, and polish resources.

We’ve secured space 10am–9:30pm Monday thru Wednesday with hi-speed internet, power bars, post-its, and markers. All you need to do is propose a sprint topic or join a sprint below.

Join a Sprint

Add your name to the list in advance by editing this page on GitHub (don’t worry we’ll help with formatting!) and make sure to watch the sprint pitches on Sunday at the conference, the project lead will be there providing an overview.

Project Name Project Lead Description and Goals Attending

Propose a Sprint

Anyone can propose a Sprint in the lead up to–and at–the conference. If a topic comes up during Our Networks and you feel a Sprint may be the right format to test/kickstart the project, we encourage you to propose a Sprint!

Pitching a Sprint involves editing this page on GitHub to add a short description about the idea along with the following information:

  • Project name with a website or link if one exists
  • Sprint lead with contact email
  • Two or three sentence project description and sprint goals

Template (the pipes | help format submissions as a table):

| [Name] | [Contact] | [Description and Goals] | |

For example:

| Toronto Mesh | @benhylau,
| Toronto Mesh is a local mesh network initiative in Toronto. The
sprint will focus on improving our setup documentation for new nodes
including all services on existing software. From 10am to 1pm on July
16 there will be introductory presentations and anyone can pitch a
presentation throughout the sprint. | |

After that all you have to do is attend the sprint pitches session on Sunday afternoon to give us a 5 minute overview of the project.