In 2019, we wrote:

Addressing “the environment” requires acknowledging both questions of what goes into sustaining an event as well as the layered and uneven climate crisis we are currently experiencing. As organizers we felt it was important to state our commitments to addressing these entwined issues publicly.

In the 5 years since then, the layered and uneven impacts of the climate crisis have only become more acutely felt.

As with 2019, our last in-person event, we have committed to the following actions to bring this conversation forward:

  • Making space for conversations around sustainability, our environment, and the climate crisis during the event
    • Having solar-powered servers and permacomputing serve as major themes for this event
  • Eliminating and restricting purchase of new goods
    • We will not purchase new t-shirts and totes nor offer them as swag
  • Reducing single-use plastics and packaging
    • We are investigating the which materials to avoid purchasing altogether as well as catering options that package food in bulk, and whether we can brew our own coffee and tea
    • Using compostable utensils and paper plates where single-use materials are required
    • Encouraging bring your own bottle for beverages and providing ways to fill them onsite
  • Redirecting products entering the waste stream to compost or recycling, with the support of the venue infrastructure for returnables, recycling, and compost
  • Investigating ways to participate in re-localizing and re-circularizing economic activities